Day 16: Kananaskis to Calgary 74k

Today marked a bittersweet part of the trip. I would be parting ways with my dear friend, travel companion, cook, and most importantly pack horse. Pete and I at last had to go our separate ways.

After breakfast he drove me up to hwy 1 and I got my bike packed up. Of course I had forgotten to adjust some things properly so I spent 10 minutes on the did of the road taking my panniers apart.

Pete snapped a few shots of my now loaded bike and I was off.




You REALLY feel the difference between a bike being loaded and not. The most I had on my bike previous was a couple of lightly loaded panniers on the back. I haven’t had a chance to weigh it, but I imagine I have at least 40lbs of gear. Today would be short though.

After a bit of a climb I noticed a sign at the side of the road. In the mountains they have pass summit signs. In the foothills apparently they have hill signs.


After a tiring morning I reached Calgary. I had decided it best to visit MEC to pick up some things, then go to the place I was staying as my host would be at work a little while. As an aside, the word trail used in conjunction with a roadway in Alberta means terrifying expressway with no shoulder.

Are running my errands I went and met up with Curtis and got settled. Despite having had many rest days in Kananaskis already I decided to take another one in Calgary. I had family I hadn’t seen in some time living there, and it would be nice to catch up with Curtis.


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