Day 12: Banff to Kananaskis 79k

The name of the game today was to get to Kananaskis as fast as possible so I could start my vacation. Being ahead of schedule meant I could stay and rest as long as I wanted to (within reason).

A good downhill trend and a well paved bike path/shoulder had me at Canmore in 40 minutes. Along the way I started noticing remnants of the famous flood a month previous. The bike path out of Banff had been washed out and was now an expanded shoulder of the highway.

Construction crews made short work of the major highway repairs though, and the trans Canada was back on one piece and safe to navigate.



After Canmore, headwinds and rolling hills slowed me down a little. Still making good time as I hit the last of the Rockies I turned off the highway into Kananaskis country.

The first thing that struck me was a surplus of dragonflies. Apparently the flooding had created a bumper crop of mosquitoes and the dragonfly population had exploded in response.

The only hill of any substance today was Barrier Hill. Not too bad a climb, but the substantial downhill and favorable conditions propelled me to a speed of 80 kmh, my fastest yet.

After finding my accommodations and having a quick shower I was whisked off to Barrier Lake. There, people had gathered to celebrate a birthday. It was a potluck affair, and Pete got busy grilling up some meatballs.



After dinner we went for a paddle in the lake.


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