Day 10: Revelstoke to Golden 150k

I was convinced this would be one of the tougher days of the trip. Rogers Pass is a fairly large climb straight out of Revelstoke. There are also a number of avalanche tunnels which resources said would be quite scary to cycle through. They spoke of poor lighting, noon existent shoulders, and fast traffic.

While not especially easy, it turned out to be far from the hardest. The worst climb seemed to be the initial climb out of Revelstoke. Eventually I just reached the summit after what appeared to be equal amounts of climbing and descending.


As for the tunnels, they weren’t exactly well lit. But there was some lighting in the longer ones as well as ventilation/lighting slots on the side I was riding. They even had reasonably wide shoulders. Traffic wasn’t all that bad either.


At the summit it was nice to finally run into some other cyclists, which hadn’t really happened to this point.

I was a bit disappointed that there was another sizeable climb after the summit, but I took it in stride and got to Golden by mid afternoon. I made the mistake of not eating much over the course of the day, and I was really feeling it. Luckily I was able to stay at my uncles house and didn’t have to look for a campsite or set up a tent.

After forcing down a burger and fries I got a chance to hang out with my cousin Thomas. Last time I saw him was about 3 years previous. He’s getting close to finishing high school, has a sweet summer job and seems like an all around kick-ass little dude. I also got a chance to see my stunt Leslie who I hadn’t seen in about 20 years. It’s always a nice treat catching up with family.

My plans in Banff weren’t concrete, but my aunt managed to make a couple of calls and secured a place to stay with a friend of hers. Still hungry from the ride, I ate most of a pizza and went to bed.


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