Day 4: Osoyoos to Grand Forks approx 125k

I woke up feeling pretty good considering the 10 or so hours I had spent on the road yesterday. We packed up camp quickly to get a start on a day that would include a big climb. As I rode off Pete noticed my tire looked low. This would be my second flat in as many days. In my rush to get the wheel back in I accidentally knocked out one of my disc brake pads and got a crash course in installing them from internet tutorials.

Finally ready to go I headed towards the main event of the day. Climbing anarchist pass. Anarchist pass rises straight out of osoyoos’ eastern edge. About 700m of rise over 20 or so. I decided to take it slow and just grind it out so I would have energy to get through the rest of the day. I took tons of breaks and managed to get my water bottles filled by some RVers at the viewpoint.


The worst part of the pass wasn’t even the huge initial climb, but the false summit followed by a small downhill and a gradual climb that led to the actual summit. It was anticlimactically in the middle of a field with no mountain peaks or dramatic valleys in sight.


Pete leapfrogged me for the rest of the day, dropping off water and helping me charge up my phone which I had forgotten to plug in the day before. He uses the time waiting for me to work on his business and his rigorous exercise regimen of cooler lifts and log pushups.

We eventually met for lunch in the town of Greenwood which boasted the best tasting water in the world. After lunch I worked my way up the last hills of the day til I reached the wonderful downhill into Grand Forks. Big well paved shoulders and quiet traffic made quick work of the last stretch.

We spent the evening in the home of the mother of a friend of Pete’s. Lazing around in her pool, sipping beers, playing with the 10 or so pets, and demolishing plate after plate of food.

Aside from catching up and introducing me to everyone my main topic of discussion with Pete was whether or not to take a rest day tomorrow or tough out the next days ride and rest in Rossland.


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